OEM Euro V Standard Diesel Desulfurization Plant For Pyrolysis Oil

OEM Euro V Standard Diesel Desulfurization Plant For Pyrolysis Oil
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Title: Diesel Desulfurization Machine With CE
Founction: Polishing Diesel Into Ultra Low Sulfur And Water Color
Technology: Full Continuous Desulfurization Process
Working Capacity: 2TPD~200TPD
Voltage: 220V-480V
Raw Materials Of Machine: Boiler Steel/stainless Steel/Carbon Steel
Warranty: 1-3years
End Products: Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel/Water Color Diesel
Heating Method: Electricity/Boiler/Furnace
Advantages: Provide Third Party SGS Inspection
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OEM Diesel Desulfurization Plant


3.8cSt Diesel Desulfurization Plant


OEM 2TPD pyrolysis oil purification plant

Basic Infomation
Place of Origin: Chongqing, China
Brand Name: PurePath
Certification: CE,ISO
Model Number: PPGT-SDS
Payment & Shipping Terms
Packaging Details: 1, Entire packing with waterproof film. 2, Wooden case to protect controller , instruments and apparatus. 3, Full container for shipping
Delivery Time: 60-90days
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
Supply Ability: 20sets/year
Product Description

Produce Euro V Standard Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel Desulfurization Machine With CE
Product Description of Diesel Desulfurization Machine

 PPGT oil extraction and desulfurization plant is carried out to efficiently remove poly aromatic hydrocarbons, sulfur-containing compounds, colloids and asphaltenes for diesel from cracking distillation streams or pyrolysis. It adopts PurePath exclusive technology combining with ultrosound and hydrocavitation to enhance the desulfurization oxidation reaction. It's 10-20 times desulfurization ability than ordinary silica gel refining or desulfurization catalyst. It could produce water color diesel from dark or red diesel, meanwhile the desulfurization diesel is with optimal oxidation stability which could even store 6 months without color change.
Performances of Polished oil from Diesel Desulfurization Machine

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Ref. Diesel Properties from Diesel Desulfurization Machine


Flash Point PMCC °C ASTM D93-18a 61 °C Min. 52
Water Content ppm ASTM D 6304-07 81 Max. 500
Lubricity, corrected diameter (ws 1.4) at 60°C § µm ASTM D6079-18 485 Max. 520
Ash Content % wt ASTM D 482-13 <0.001 Max. 0.01
Sulphur Content %wt ASTM D4294-16e1 0.0046 Max. 0.25
Density at 15°C kg/m3 ASTM D1298-12b 835.5 815 - 870
Pour Point °C ASTM D97-12 -24 Max. 18
Copper Strip corrosion (3h / 50°C {122°F})   ASTM D 130-12 1.a Max. Class 1
Cetane Index   ASTM D 4737-10 56 Min. 45
Distillation Recovery Basis : °C ASTM D 86-17    
10 % Vol. °C ASTM D 86-17 205.8 °C  
50 % Vol. °C ASTM D 86-17 286.0 °C  
90 % Vol. °C ASTM D 86-17 351.9 °C  
Conradson Carbon Residue On 10% Distillate Residue % wt ASTM D 189-06 0.001 Max. 0.1
Viscosity Kin at 40°C cSt ASTM D445-17a 3.8 2.0 - 4.5


Features of PurePath Diesel Desulfurization Machine


PPGT UODS as an alternative Hydrogenation Treatment fuel oil desulfurization process offers significant advantages. Thiophene, substituted benzo- and dibenzothiophene are oxidized at low temperature and low pressure. Therefore, expensive hydrogen is not required, making the process more suitable for small and medium-sized Refineries or isolated refineries not close to hydrogen pipelines. The increased reaction rate and mild reaction temperature and pressure avoid the use of expensive anhydrous or aprotic solvents. Ultrasonic assisted oxidative desulfurization (UAODS) unit can produce low sulfur and / or ultra-low sulfur diesel. This technology can be used to reduce sulfur content before or after FFC fuel oil or atmos distillation diesel and pyrolysis oil. Compared with the new high-pressure hydrotreating unit, the UAODS process can reduce the estimated capital cost by more than half and get the same result for end product.

Company Profile 
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PurePath Green Tech Co., Ltd., a matured and professional manufacturer in waste oil re-refining and distillation territory with over 10 years of experience, which is specialized in the following cutting edge technologies:


  • Used lube oil re-refining system: refining used oil to produce base lube oil
  • Catalytic cracking distillation machine: cracking waste oil to commerical standard diesel
  • Desufurization plant: UODS and UCSDS desulfurization technology
  • Solvent extraction system: to polish base lube oil or diesel to water color
  • Bio fuel system: to produce biofuels from organic waste


PurePath has successfully developed continuous distillation system, film evaporation system, light hydrocarbon continuous stripping system, wiped film and short-parth distillation system, solvent extraction system and ultrasonic desulfurization system etc.. Our mission is to facilitate environmental restoration, resource recovery and pollution reduction through innovative technologies and design, construction, and operation of affordable state-of-the-art waste recovery systems.


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