No Acid Low Chemical Consumption Used Oil Distillation Machine To Odorless Diesel

No Acid Low Chemical Consumption Used Oil Distillation Machine To Odorless Diesel
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Title: Used Oil Distillation Machine To Odorless Diesel
Feature: Siemens PLC Automatic Control
Founction: Convert Waste Oil Into Quality Diesel
End Products: Water Color Diesel
Working Capacity: 2TPD~100TPD
Voltage: 220V-480V
Raw Materials Of Machine: Boiler Steel/stainless Steel/Carbon Steel
Warranty: 1-3years
Raw Material Input: Used Lube Oil/pyrolysis Oil/sludge Oil
Advantages: Siemens PLC Genuine Continuous Distillation
High Light:

220V Waste Oil Distillation Plant


Siemens PLC Waste Oil Distillation Plant


2TPD waste oil distillation machine

Basic Infomation
Place of Origin: Chongqing, China
Brand Name: PurePath
Certification: CE,ISO
Model Number: PPGT-LP
Payment & Shipping Terms
Packaging Details: 1, Entire packing with waterproof film. 2, Wooden case to protect controller , instruments and apparatus. 3, Full container for shipping
Delivery Time: 60-90days
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T
Supply Ability: 20sets/year
Product Description

No Acid Low Chemical Consumption Used Oil Distillation Machine To Odorless Diesel
Product Description of Used Oil Distillation Machine


We are proud to present you with our PPGT-LP waste oil cracking distillation plant which is combined with dozens of our newest technologies to delivery you with the excellent quality of diesel oil out of different type of car engine and machinery engine or industrial waste oil, tire and plastic pyrolysis oil and sludge oils.

As the manufacturer, PurePath owns professional engineering team to provide constructively project proposal according to different waste oil feedstock or standard requirement of the final oil products. In order to get a more clear and purier distillates, genuine continuous fractional distillation and further PurePath exclusive desulfurization system are optional. Before the process of distillation begins, we also highlight the equally important steps prior to cracking distillation. A concurrent pretreatment solid removal and dehydration and defueling process could also upgrade the quality and purity of oil products and increase the working efficiency.


Plant Specification of Used Oil Distillation Machine


Process Capacity MAX. 2 TPD 5 TPD 10 TPD 15 TPD 20 TPD 30 TPD 50 TPD 100 TPD
Power Consumption 25KWH PER TONS OF WASTE OIL
Working Pressure Atoms pressure
Heating Method Fuel Oil/Natural Gas/LPG/Electricity
Heating Temp. 30-420
Voltage 220/380/415V 50/60HZ
Noise ≤60dB


Performances of Used Oil Distillation Machine

Waste oil after fractional distillation, about 85% to 90% of premium diesel products are produced, and the output varies also according to the impurity content of waste oil. The diesel produced is low sulfur diesel with good performance and high purity, which can be used in engines, internal combustion engines and other agricultural machinery etc..


No Acid Low Chemical Consumption Used Oil Distillation Machine To Odorless Diesel 0


Parameters Of Diesel Product From Used Oil Distillation Machine


Flash Point PMCC °C ASTM D93-18a 61 °C
Water Content ppm ASTM D 6304-07 81
Lubricity, corrected diameter (ws 1.4) at 60°C § µm ASTM D6079-18 485
Ash Content % wt ASTM D 482-13 <0.001
Sulphur Content %wt ASTM D4294-16e1 0.0046
Density at 15°C kg/m3 ASTM D1298-12b 835.5
Pour Point °C ASTM D97-12 -21
Cetane Index   ASTM D 4737-10 55.8
Viscosity Kin at 40°C cSt ASTM D445-17a 3.8



Technical Process Description of Used Oil Distillation Machine


  • Feeding black waste oil from storage tank
  • Sedimentation for heavy solids removal
  • Dehydration
  • Defueling
  • Cracking distillation and PurePath company exclusive desulfurization process
  • Continuous fractional distillation to separate diesel and gasoline
  • Refining for premium diesel product


High Light of Used Oil Distillation Machine

  • •ECO Friendly
  • • Non Acid
  • • High Yield of Base oil 80% or more subjected to purity of products as well as composition of Waste Oil.
  • • Genuine distillation with fractional column to produce much purer SN150, SN250, SN350 base oils.
  • • Stable Siemens PLC for automation with International standard CPU Modules.
  • • Transnational remote update and maintenance
  • • Easy operation
  • • Conversion of LGO & Residual Portion as salable Furnace Oil.
  • • Continuous distillation to save energy

Company Profile

Chongqing PurePath Green Technology Co., Ltd. (the PurePath) was founded in 2007 and headquartered in Jiulongpo, Chongqing, China. The PurePath owns its unique engineers team to provide designs and manufactures complete, turnkey, skid mounted systems which recover near virgin grade base oil and diesel from waste lubricants. PurePath has been testing, engineering, designing, fabricating, installing and operating waste oil re-refining and distillation systems since its inception. Our mission is to facilitate environmental restoration, resource recovery and pollution reduction through innovative technologies and design, construction, and operation of affordable state-of-the-art waste recovery systems.

The PurePath currently focused on the waste oil recycling solutions. On the whole, the company's product ranges includes the following:

  • Used lube oil re-refining system: refining used oil to API group I, API group II base lube oil.
  • Catalytic cracking distillation machine: cracking waste oil to commerical standard diesel, ultra low sulfur diesel technical process is optional.
  • Upgrade oil polishing equipment: to polish base lube oil or diesel to near virgin grade with water color.
  • Solvent recovery plant: to recovery various solvent from waste.
  • Machine lube oil purifier: to regenerate various machine lube oil from used.

OEM and ODM services are available.



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What are the byproducts out from PPGT-LP waste oil to diesel fuel plant, how do I dispose it?


The byproduct are usually comprised of gas, water, oil sludge/residue and catalysts.
The gas will be purified before emission or to be recycled as heating fuel;
The water will be filtrated and purified as cooling water;
The oil sludge could be used for burning or to be raw material for producing asphalt or road constructions.
The catalysts can be reactivated by microwave or other technologies for reuse. Or to be handed over to the professional recycler for disposal.


What are the consumables of this distillation system? Are those additives required?


There are 2 consumables which will be needed for PPGT-LP used tire recycling machine , one is our formulated catalyst, another one is refining adsorbent.
As a matter of fact, those consumables required for PPGT-LP process are carefully selected and proved to be essential to the distillation/pyrolysis process even for those famous refineries from all over the world.
Please consult our sales for more information about the catalysts and what role it plays during the whole distillation process.

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